Large Tank  

The Large Hydrogen Tank Division embarks on a transformative odyssey to redefine energy storage on a grand scale. Fueled by the tenets of sustainability and unwavering innovation, our division crafts hydrogen reservoirs that stand as beacons of future-proof energy solutions.

Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tanks

Efficient vapor exhaust cooling system 

Boil-off rates of less than 4% / day

Compact construction and patented pressurization system 

Super insulation with guaranteed vacuum life of over 5 years

50 L Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank

250 L Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank


Net volume50 L 
Total volume 56 L
Tank weight 156 kg
Boil-off rateMax. 2.0 L/ day 
Storage pressure0 - 12 bar g.
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure12 bar g.


Net volume250 L
Total Volume280 L
Tank weight 200 kg 
Boil-off rate5.0 L/day
Storage pressure0 - 12 bar g. 
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 12 bar g.

Liquid Hydrogen Bulk Tanks and Trailer Storage

Liquid Hydrogen road tanker with customer specified tank, axles, running gear, valves and pipework systems. The most cost effective solution for storage and transportation of hydrogen infrastructure. 

LH2 Storage Tank (5,600 L)


Gross capacity 6,200 L 
Net capacity 5,600 L
Tank weight4,150 kg
Boil-off rate55 L/ day 
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure6 bar g.

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