Mobile Tank  

The Mobile Hydrogen Tank Division, a visionary force in shaping the future of portable energy. We encapsulate mobility, efficiency, and sustainability. With profound insight into hydrogen dynamics, we curate compact yet potent tanks that empower various applications, from automotive marvels to remote power generation.

Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tanks

Efficient vapor exhaust cooling system 

Boil-off rates of less than 4% / day

Compact construction and patented pressurization system 

Super insulation with guaranteed vacuum life of over 5 years

Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tanks

Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tank for Drones


Lightweight Liquid Hydrogen Tank for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


Gross capacity 12.7 L 
Net capacity12.0 L
Tank weight 2.6 kg 
MaterialTitanium alloy
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
3 bar g

In development customized products: 

LH2 Fuel Tank for Drones (110 L)

LH2 Fuel Tank for Automobiles (40 L)

LH2 Fuel Tank for Automobiles (100 L) 

LH2 Fuel Tank for Maritime (600 L)

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